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A step-by-step approach to internationalization

All the Details to make your Business successful

Business Details is a Slovakian company with headquarters in Bratislava, founded by Monika Goldschmied, a Slovakian entrepreneur living between Italy and Slovakia for more than 18 years, interpreting business needs and creating solutions for companies and professionals.

Business Details holds a strong know-how in its area of operation, and use a network of professionals in different fields in order to provide a wide range of services for the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Business Details supports entrepreneurs to identify the most profitable access to the selected foreign market and the best strategies to address issues related to international markets. Every aspect of the business development is specifically studied and tailored on the client’s needs.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide customized services to the entrepreneurs, in order to improve their path to European and non-European foreign markets.

“Modern Consulting” is our style: the practical and at the same time unobtrusive way we work, thoroughly and carefully, but without any loss of time. Our ability to be clear and transparent. Our desire to help our clients to break into a culturally different international market.

The Startup Path is straightforward

Analysis of the company’s predisposition to internationalization
Target market research
Analysis of product competitiveness in the selected market
Drafting of the development plan
Establishment of a new local company to carry on the business in the selected market
Search for local partners banks, opening of bank accounts, credit lines and leasing contracts
 Search for business partners
Local business management